Léa Maupetit - Léa Maupetit – Tiger bag


Léa Maupetit is a French illustrator, living and working in Paris. After graduating from ECV Paris in type design in 2015, Léa developed her own style of illustration, based on the work on bright and vivid colors, with compositions full of life and humor. Her clients come from various backgrounds such as textile & pattern (Des Petits Hauts, Smallable), visual identity (East Village Market, Daphnis and Chloe), the press (The New York Times, L’instant parisien, Milk Magazine, Scoop Magazine, Doolittle), book publishers (Milan), etc.


Léa also distributes her prints all over the world via her own e-shop and in retail shops in Europe, Northern America and Asia.


In 2016, Léa published her first illustrated book, Les Piscines de Léa Maupetit (Clémentine de la Ferronnière eds.). On this occasion, her original gouaches have been exhibited at the Galerie Clémentine de la Ferronnière in Paris. Léa’s original paintings have also been exhibited at the Galerie Klin d’Oeil (Paris) and at the 1905 Re-creative Space in Shenyang (China).


To contact Léa, please write an e-mail to hello@leamaupetit.fr. You can follow Léa’s work on her Instagram account and on her Facebook page.


→ Klin d’Oeil, Paris – FRANCE

→ Artazart, Paris – FRANCE

→ DadaShop, Lyon – FRANCE

→ Boom Boom Shop, Bordeaux – FRANCE

→ Helen B, Ghent – BELGIUM

→ El Moderno Concept Store, Madrid – SPAIN

→ La Dinette, London – UK

→ Polu Gallery, Hawaï – USA

→ Hauswitch, Salem (MA) – USA

→ Babasouk, Montreal – CANADA

→ Sopo-Villa, Anseong-si – SOUTH KOREA

→ From Shop, Busan – SOUTH KOREA



It’s Nice That I

It’s Nice That II

Des Petits Hauts

The Jealous Curator

Artistic Moods

Design Love Fest

Loti Market

Metal Magazine

Eight Magazine

Osso Magazine



Carnets Parisiens, Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière,
51 rue de Saint-Louis-en-l’Île, Paris (FR) – Exhibition (together w. Marie Doazan), april 2016


Séries, Galerie Klin d’Oeil,
6 rue Deguerry, Paris (FR) – Solo exhibition, april-june 2016


Léa Maupetit x 1905 Re-Creative space, curated by Xiaoning Cai,
Xinghua North Street #8, Tiexi District, Shenyang (CN) – Solo exhibition, july-august 2016